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Italy star says he ended up in Turkey for rejecting Leeds offer

Galatasaray midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo has revealed that his failure to accept a Premier League move led to him being kicked out of Roma. 

The 23-year old joined the Turkish giants from AS Roma for a reported €15million. In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Zaniolo claimed that things could have ended differently. He says that Premier League teams were looking to sign him, but he rejected their offers:

“Actually, it wasn’t just Bournemouth and Galatasaray, but I was kicked out for not accepting the English club’s offer and the fans took it out on me,” he added.

“Some [fans] chased me with their car, others came to my house. My family and I were frightened because we felt alone. People were so angry we couldn’t talk to them properly. In those days I also turned off my phone because I was getting a lot of bad messages.

“I was disappointed by the reactions of almost everyone. I won’t name names, but some said we were like brothers and then they didn’t even say hello to me.”

Leeds United were reported to be the other English club interested in Zaniolo.

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