‘Laughable’- TalkSport pundit slams controversial Raphinha decision

Following the recent news that Premier League clubs would be without their Brazilian stars following their refusal to allow them to go on international duty, Simon Jordan has spoken out against the decision.

Speaking on TalkSport, Jordan claimed “The whole thing is laughable’. And goes on to suggest that the Premier League will not accept FIFA’s decision. I expect the Premier League to push back very robustly because if they have anything about them they’ll be saying ‘what would have been the point in releasing the players if you were going to quarantine them for 14 days, they couldn’t have played’.”

There’s no denying that the whole situation is a complete farce, the five-day rule FIFA are reportedly going to invoke is not suitable for a Covid environment. The players would have had to have faced a 14 day quarantine regardless, and given how the Brazilian authorities handled the Argentina vs Brazil game at the weekend, they wouldn’t have been allowed onto the pitch anyway.

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