“Handbags at dawn” – How social media reacted to the Alioski-McNeil incident

Yesterday, despite the size and scope of the FA Cup Final, the most controversial footballing moment of the day perhaps occurred at Turf Moor as Dwight McNeil and Ezigan Alioski got on the wrong side of one another. The former has been accused of spitting on the Leeds man whilst Burnley have made a formal complaint to the FA over a gesture made by Alioski. But how did social media react?

There perhaps isn’t a right side in this debate with McNeil apparently spitting on Alioski. Meanwhile, Alioski may have produced a racist gesture to taunt the Burnley winger.

And unsurprisingly, Leeds fans are now fearing the worst for Alioski.

Some, however, felt Burnley made an unnecessary complaint. They believed Leeds were well within their rights to make a complaint of their own but didn’t because the incident doesn’t need to be taken any further.

One fan laughed off the incident likening it to the gesture of a child.

Others felt he was simply trying to make light of the situation.

On the other side of things, some Burnley fans felt there was no spit. Instead, they believed McNeil was simply telling him to stop being soft.

Others believed that the whole debacle should just be dropped.

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Deeda LUFC
Deeda LUFC
4 months ago

Racist taunt? What a load of nonsense. A sad man full of sour grapes, trying to deflect from his own cowardly actions and defame an innocent man, by playing a non-existent race card. Shameful.

Last edited 4 months ago by Deeda LUFC