Leeds United’s three dirtiest players of the season so far

Some people believe there aren’t any real dirty players left in the Premier League. However, every team has the odd dirty player who adds that little bit of grit to their side.

Despite helping their side to important victories, this kind of player can ruin the spectacle and potentially injure players.

With that in mind, here’s Leeds United’s three dirties players this season – a club once described as dirty Leeds.

3. Liam Cooper

The Leeds skipper is a great leader. However, he’s also the only player at the club to have received a Premier League red card this term so maybe they shouldn’t follow his example in that respect. He’s also joint 6th when it comes to yellow cards at the club and has committed 19 fouls.

2. Kalvin Phillips

Often when assessing a club’s dirtiest player it’s revealed that somewhere near the top is a holding midfielder. They need vital strength to hold their own against attacks but also have to have a willingness to break the rules as they commit tactical fouls to stop breakaways. And the brilliant Phillips is no different. He’s committed 31 fouls this season – the third most at the club – despite missing a handful of games and is also the club’s most booked player with 7 yellow cards to his name.

1. Mateusz Klich

Klich is an important player for Leeds United offering vital drive and often a cutting edge. However, it seems he offers a great deal of physicality and maybe even dirtiness in midfield. He’s committed more fouls than anyone else at the club this year – he’s committed 46 this season which is 10 more than Stuart Dallas in second. He’s also Leeds’ second most booked player having been yellow carded 6 times.

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