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Jesse Marsch believes it is “too early” for Leeds fans to think about winning the FA cup

Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch believes it is ‘too early’ for Leeds fans to think about trophies.

The 48-year old said ahead of the club’s FA cup tie that he is used to winning trophies at other clubs, but Leeds are not there yet:

“You do this job to win trophies and I’ve been lucky enough to be part of teams that have done that.

“Whether it was at Leipzig, as an assistant and as a head coach we had a very good cup record, at Salzburg a very good cup record, as a player a very good cup record, as a coach in MLS a very good cup record.

“It’s because I’ve always taken it very seriously. I’ve always known it’s an opportunity for glory.

“Talking to me now, it’s way too early for us in this process and in the tournament to start talking about that. “But obviously, everything we do here, every morning I get up at the crack of dawn, I do it with the idea of getting our club closer to the possibility of even having that discussion internally and then, ultimately, winning.

“That’s why I do this. I love people, I love relationships and I love leadership, but I want to be a winner. Period. That’s why I do this.”

Optimism that Leeds can put together a good cup run

Marsch added that despite the team not being ready to consistently compete, he expects a good FA Cup run this season:

“Well I’d heard going into to FA Cup this year that we hadn’t had a home match for quite some time, that we hadn’t got out of the fourth round in quite some time..

“So I was aware of these things. The exact details of what year, what match, what scoreline, all those things, not exactly clear.

“But internally we’ve talked that we want to push in this tournament. We want to give ourselves a chance and our fans a chance to have a cup run. So everybody on the inside for sure is clear on that.”

Leeds face Accrington Stanley in the FA Cup Fourth Round this weekend.

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