Newcastle United fans planning bizarre protest during Leeds United game

Despite their disappointing start to the season, Leeds fans have a lot to be happy about.

They have a world class manager in the dugout, an inspiring squad of players and a great owner who wants to see the club enjoy success.

The same cannot be said of Newcastle. Like Leeds, the Magpies are a big club with a great history and deserve to enjoy the kind of success that has alluded them for decades. But, whilst Mike Ashley is still in charge, that level of success won’t return any time soon.

The Newcastle fans were promised that his reign of terror would soon be over but after 18 months of empty promises the trail has gone cold and fans again fear that the club will go stagnate and begin to slide back down the table towards relegation.

Thus, some Newcastle fans have planned protests for Friday’s game as they look to fight against the erosion of their club and what it stands for. Members of ProtestNUFC plan to throw paper planes onto the pitch during the 18th minute to symbolise that the 18 months they’ve waited for a new owner is far too long. Moreover, they intend to whistle throughout the game at ever stoppage and will have a series of banners in the East Stand.

This is a far cry from what some Newcastle fans suggested for the 11th minute in which there was a suggested round of applause for former Leeds and Newcastle legend Gary Speed. This year represents the tenth anniversary of his heart breaking passing back in 2011.

It looks as though, even if this moment of remembrance takes place, that it will be overshadowed by the protests of some Newcastle fans.

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