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Phil Hay says Wober signing could be the end of Struijk experiment

Journalist Phil Hay suggests that Maximillian Wober was signed to play left back, which could mean the end of Pascal Stuijk at left back.

The writer says one of the reasons Marsch brought him in was because of his ability to perform on both ends of the ball. Hay wrote on The Athletic, “The encouraging aspect is that Wober has high performance levels both defensively and offensively.

“The former is to be expected — he has grown up as a defender after all — but the numbers do not suggest that in playing as a forward-thinking left-back, Wober is being asked to do things he cannot.

“Defensively, an excellent rate of recoveries and interceptions and an above-average score for defending intensity imply that he is a committed presser, as tends to be the case with Red Bull products.

“It would certainly be fair to say Wober has more of a left-back’s profile than Struijk.”

Bright future for Struijk

Moving Pascal Struijk from left back might not be too bad, that means his position in the team lies elsewhere. With the unreliable Liam Cooper, and Llorente, who cannot seem to stay fit – Struijk may be deployed at center back. The Dutchman is more comfortable playing in defence and it has shown under Bielsa and at youth level. This news might not be all doom and gloom.

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