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Radrizzani to make at least £100million profit off Leeds even if club is relegated

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani will reportedly earn a huge profit from the deal with 49er enterprises.

The deal is rumoured to be around £420million, a valuation based on Leeds’ Premier League status. However, the value would be slashed to £150million if they suffer relegation according to the Daily Mail.

Financial expert Kieran Maguire breaks down the figures involved in the deal:

“If Leeds United are relegated and then sold for £150million to the 49ers then it would still constitute a record-breaking price paid for an EFL club,” Maguire said in an exclusive interview with Football Insider.

“That is indicative of the stature of Leeds as a significant player in English football.

“While the owner would be disappointed with the price and fans would be disappointed with relegation, it’s hard to argue that Radrizzani could negotiate the fee any further.

“A sale of £150million still provides a huge profit from Radrizzani’s point of view.

“The club would benefit from three years of parachute payments to allow it to climatise to the Championship also.“

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