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Ranking the away fans of every Premier League club worst to best

The Premier League is home to some of the best atmospheres and fan bases in world football. A large part of that is the away fans who journey far and wide to see their team play. Few countries boast the same kind of football fanatics as England with some supporters never missing a fixture home or away. So, today we’re ranking every Premier League club’s away supporters.

20. Fulham

I remember the days when Craven Cottage was routinely the home of upsets against Manchester United and co. But that never really occurred away from home. Their away fans although credited for making the journey never seem that noticeable and that has led to most of their famous results coming at home rather than away.

19. Brighton

This might seem unfair, but Brighton never strike me as having a vocal set of away supporters. Ranked 48/91 in Sports Bible’s ranking of away fans last year, they can feel somewhat absent when traveling to away grounds. It must be hard to go all the way up north for so many games and struggling to get results, so I will give them credit for showing up but I think they rarely influence proceedings.

18. West Brom

I think some clubs are often guilty of being glad to be at Anfield, Old Trafford and the Emirates rather than looking for results. I think that can sometimes bleed to supporters who are quite pleased to be at the famous old grounds not expecting their side to get any sort of result. This often culminates in a void of atmosphere from the away end and sadly I think West Brom are one of those clubs.

17. Southampton

The Saints play some superb football and unlike some of the other mid-table teams don’t have to rely on the energy and passion of supporters to scramble to results either at home or away. Always treated to a footballing spectacle, their travelling supporters fail to really get involved in proceedings for me.

16. Burnley

Turf Moor is one of the toughest places to go in the Premier League. A small, compact ground with vocal Lancashire fans makes for a hostile environment to attempt to try and find a win. Big teams often struggle there. However, when the journey away from home they don’t have the same impact often being drowned out by the home fans. They never really go looking for famous wins and instead look to sneak draws here and there leading to a lack of expectancy in the away end.

15. Crystal Palace

Palace’s home support is much better than their away. They can turn Selhurst Park into a tough place to go in the same vein as Burnley but when they go away they struggle to influence proceedings in the same way. There’s a reason teams like Palace and Burnley often rely on home form rather than away.

14. Manchester City

City’s away support is perhaps a touch underrated. It certainly isn’t of the calibre of some of the other club’s in the league but it isn’t as absent as others might suggest. Full of fans who have been there from the start, they’re always determined to carry the club to more success however they still sometimes feel like they don’t quite belong which has perhaps translated to their troubles in Europe.

13. Leicester

The Foxes fans were at their best as Leicester did the unthinkable and won the league five years ago. They were key to clinching some famous away victories such as at the Etihad as the title creeped ever closer. In general, I think Leicester fans are much better at home rather than away where they can sometimes find themselves respecting the size of their opponents a little too much. Nonetheless, the Foxes have a fantastic fan base and as they cement themselves as a top Premier League team I expect their away support to become more vocal.

12. Arsenal

Some have been critical of Arsenal’s fan base in recent years. However, at its heart is a group of passionate supporters who – like any other set of fans in the league – travel far and wide to cheer on their side. However, instead of inspiring their team on difficult nights away from home they can become a little too hostile towards their own players at times.

11. Tottenham

Spurs fans can be some of the most vocal especially in the big games against their top six rivals. The front rows often look like spilling other as they urge their team on. However, when it comes to the league’s lesser sides they can leave something to be desired.

10. Everton

Liverpool is a footballing city. Both halves of Merseyside live and breathe the sport. And thus, Everton supporters travel far and wide to see their famous team. Over the course of Premier League history we’ve seen a travelling Everton side backed by their fans claim famous results at Old Trafford and other famous grounds. They do lose marks for never being able to carry Everton to a win at Anfield with Everton’s first win away at Liverpool for 22 years coming in an empty stadium.

9. Sheffield United

A set of vocal Yorkshiremen, they’re never intimidated when out numbered and just sing and sing and sing. Last season, United had impressive away form for a newly promoted side and that was thanks to the noise brought by the Blades supporters. Even when they were outplayed at Anfield and the Etihad, there was never a point when their supporters fell quiet.

8. Chelsea

A club steeped in Premier League success over the last 15 years or so, part of that success has been down to their ability to win home and away. They even claimed a couple of Premier League crowns with difficult away victories such as back in 2017. The energy and backing brought by their expectant supporters was always key to their success.

7. West Ham

A club with a passionate fan base who only want the best for their team, they’ve had to struggle over recent years. That never stopped them travelling around the country in support of their club. To support your side all over the nation when the going gets tough makes for a special set of supporters and they always bring the nose wherever they go nearly carrying the Hammers to a famous away win at Anfield last year. If only they could enjoy West Ham’s superb form this season.

6. Aston Villa

As one of the biggest clubs in British football history, Villa have a huge fan base and pedigree. Villa Park often boasts a special atmosphere and that’s brought to away games too. It’s a shame that they can’t find their way into away ends this season due to the on going pandemic as we might have seen more upsets from the claret and blues.

5. Manchester United

Man Utd fans have often been criticised for the often lukewarm or overly expectant atmosphere at Old Trafford, but when they go away from home the real diehards create an inspired atmosphere urging their side onto champion performances like they once saw under Sir Alex Ferguson.

4. Wolves

Wolves fans always make a special atmosphere. I’ve made it known before how much I admire the atmosphere at Molineux. And it is often carried to opposition grounds too inspiring the Wanderers to shock wins against the competition’s big six. Take their victory at the Etihad last season, would that have happened without their traveling supporters? I’m not sure. Orange jerseys always seem to flood the away end almost bleeding onto the pitch.

3. Liverpool

Few stadiums have as special an atmosphere as Anfield. But when the Liverpool faithful travel across the country they bring the noise. I remember when they had a singing battle with the Wolves fans at Molineux last season as the two sets of fans created one of the best Premier League atmospheres I’ve ever seen. Last season Liverpool had one of the finest away records in Premier League history and that was largely down to their supporters. Take their late rally at villa for example, the traveling Kopites carried the Reds to victory.

2. Newcastle United

A fan survey in 2020 saw Newcastle United run away with the prize of the Premier League’s best away fans with 19% of the vote. Geordies live, breathe and eat football travelling far and wide in support of their club even when they’re struggling. Passionate Northerners, they make a right racket and contribute to the atmosphere perfectly.

1. Leeds United

United fans constantly sell out the away end and that was even when trips to Preston were on the cards. So, I don’t see why they’d ever fail to sell out the away end in the Premier League. Already, one of the loudest sets of fans in England, United often take control of the atmosphere at away ends and inspire their team to victory. They find ways to out sing the home fans and turn their small portion of the stadium into a mini Elland Road.

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