REVEALED: Five quickest players at Leeds United

Burnley v Leeds United 29 August 2021, Burnley - Football - Burnley v Leeds United. Patrick Bamford of Leeds United celebrates with Raphinha of Leeds United after scoring their first goal to equalise and make the score 1-1 photo by Daniel Chesterton Burnley UK *** Burnley gegen Leeds United 29. August 2021, Burnley Fußball Burnley gegen Leeds United Patrick Bamford von Leeds United feiert mit Raphinha von Leeds United nach seinem ersten Tor zum Ausgleich und zum 1 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xDanielxChestertonxOffside

We already know that Marcelo Bielsa demands a lot of energy from his team, so it’s no surprise to see that many players have out up astonishing running numbers for last season.

Today, we’re taking a look at the five quickest players at Leeds United for the 2020/21 season.

5. Helder Costa- 38.24 km/h

Perhaps a somewhat surprising inclusion, Helder Costa comes in at the number 5 spot. The winger is currently on loan at Valencia, but put up some impressive running stats at high speed for Leeds last season in his role as a squad player.

4. Diego Llorente 34.26 km/h

Llorente was one of the best players at the club last season and made a massive impact in his starring role during the second half of the campaign. He’s a confident presence on the ball and can evidently manoeuvre at a comfortable pace.

3. Raphinha 34.86 km/h

You were probably expecting Raphinha to be higher up on this list, as was I. However, it is worth pointing out that the difference between the top 3 is minimal. Raphinha is the most dangerous player in the squad and his willingness to get forward and beat his man combined with this ludicrous speed make him a formidable opponent.

2. Dan James 34.88 km/h

Whilst Dan James may not have been at the club last season, he is now, so I’m putting him on the list. We know that James is lightning quick, his speed is his best attribute after all. So it is somewhat surprising that he isn’t number 1. It will be interesting to see him and how he improves under the guidance of Bielsa.

1. Patrick Bamford 34.96 km/h

Midway through last season, Bamford claimed that people hadn’t noticed that he was one of the quickest players at the club. Turns out, he was right! In fact, he is the quickest player at the club. Bamford isn’t someone who sticks out when you think of speedy players, but that’s mostly due to how strong he is at other aspects of the game.

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