“The Tarkowski challenge is disgusting” – Fans compare Struijk’s dismissal to Tarkowski’s horrendous tackle

Yesterday, James Tarkowski produced one of the worst tackles of the season so far as Burnley lost to Everton.

Despite the severity of the tackle, he wasn’t shown a red card despite the fact the tackle seemed to be worse than the one that yielded a red for Pascal Struijk on Sunday when the Leeds defender dislocated Harvey Elliott’s ankle as the Whites lost to Liverpool at Elland Road.

It’s safe to say that the decision to not send Tarkowski off was met with wide spread criticism on Twitter as fans pointed out that it was far worse Struijk’s.

It prompted one fan to describe Struijk’s tackle as a perfect execution of the skill.

Even Liverpool fans echoed this opinion saying Struijk’s red card should be lessened to a yellow.

Other supporters were simply baffled by the fact no red card was shown especially in comparison to Struijk’s challenge.

Whereas other fans simply stated that yesterday’s tackle was far worse than the one from Struijk which is hard to disagree with given the recklessness of Tarkowski’s challenge at Goodison yesterday.

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