“This is not a Leeds shirt” – How social media reacted to Leeds United’s new home kit

Yesterday, Leeds United unveiled their newest kit. It’s the shirt in which Leeds fans are hoping to see their side return to European football with expectations high ahead of next season. But what is the general view of Leeds’ new home shirt?

It’s safe to say not everyone was impressed.

Meanwhile, fans argued over how far the traditions of the shirts should be pushed. One person wanted more leeway whilst others criticised his view. They pointed out that the new kit at least ticks the box of being all white whereas his pitch didn’t even meet that basic requirement.

Despite the fact not everyone was that impressed by the new jersey, fans admitted they’d get it anyway.

The new shirt caused plenty of division. Older shirts where used by some to demonstrate the depths the club has sunk to in the past only for other supporters to hit back in defence of those kits.

Others immediately turned their attention to what they hoped the away kit would be only for fellow supporters to warn them against high expectations. After all the away shirt could have similar problems.

Speaking of the away kit, some fans demanded it now to make amends for the disappointment of the home shirt.

Others claimed that the new shirt made them feel ill.

One fan seemed to think adidas don’t put the appropriate effort into Leeds shirts claiming that other sides get a far better deal than the Yorkshire club.

My favourite response however simply has to be this comparison to cruise ship uniforms.

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