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Leeds boss pleased with England treatment of Archie Gray

Leeds United coach Daniel Farke was pleased with England giving Archie Gray a few days off to return to the club during the international break.

The German coach is pleased that England did not overwork Archie Gray during the international break. The teenager was allowed to leave the England camp early to return to the club, and Farke was happy to give him days off to rest:

“I am very happy. It was the right call for him. He is 17 and we have to make sure the mid and long term future, I think he will be crucial to England’s future and we shouldn’t focus too much on youth levels that he has already outgrown. We have to make sure in which moment it makes sense. He returned and we calmed the load and gave him one or two days off. He feels refreshed and recharged. I’m grateful.”

Gray has only failed to feature in just one of Leeds’ championship games this season – he has started 13 games and featured in 15 in total. The teenager has been a key part of Farkes team, either being a part of the midfield pivot or deputizing at fullback.

England giving Gray an early ticket home contrasts to the last international break where he featured in three games within the space of a week. Daniel Farke was not happy back then:

“First-team football games makes him better as a player and develops his personality, I would question if U19 games improve him as a player. We have many mental awareness days and player wellbeing days and we talk with responsibility but when it comes down to it, we have to win three points, I’m not sure it makes sense to play that many games for his development. We risk him being burnt out.”

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