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Top three best Leeds United loan signings

They always say, ‘Never fall in love with a loan player’. In the case of these three, it was impossible for Leeds United fans not to. 

Loan signings can be unpredictable, and lord knows Leeds United have had their fair share of stinkers. Every now and again though, there comes a player who embraces the club and fans emphatically during their temporary stint.

Here we look at the three best loan signings in Leeds United’s history

Pontus Jansson

Pontus Jansson. Credit: Imago Images

The big Swede with a big swede, Jansson joined the club from Italian side Torino on an initial loan before making his move permanent in 2017.

He almost immediately became an integral part of the Leeds United machine, both on and off the pitch. The centre-back wasn’t afraid to stick his head most players wouldn’t put their feet, and celebrate with the fans afterward.

Jansson eventually left the club moving to Brentford in 2019, falling down the pecking order after three successful years. He still loves the club.

Ben White

Ben White. Credit: Imago Images

In terms of playing style, White was the polar opposite to Jansson. While the Swedish international was the rough and ready type, White was a ball player.

His quality on the ball has seen him secure a move to Arsenal and become one of the best defenders in the Premier League.

White played a huge role in helping Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United secure promotion to the Premier League in 2020 after 16 years of battling through League One and the Championship.

He may not have joined permanently, but Leeds United have had some fantastic memories thanks to his contributions.

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo Hernandez. Credit: Imago Images

What more can be said about Hernandez? The tricky Spanish winger is arguably the most technically gifted player to ever put on a Leeds United shirt. From the day he joined, he was a class above the rest in every aspect.

Even Leeds fans were baffled when a player of his quality joined the club while they were a mid-table Championship side. Hernandez had been ripping it up for Valencia just a few years before.

Like Jansson, Hernandez joined on an initial loan before making the move permanent. The rest is history. He’ll never have to pay for a pint in the city of Leeds for the rest of his life.

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